Peacock Album

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A traditional photo album with a gorgeous marbled cover in a 'peacock feather' style in rich blues and greens. This album would make a striking wedding album or a keepsake for any special occasion. A teal book cloth covers the spine and has been used to create handmade end bands.

This pre-made album block has been traditionally cased-in to a handmade cover. There are glassine sheets between each page to protect your photographs. I recommend attaching your photos using acid free photo corners to prevent any adhesive touching your photos, though acid free double sided tape can also be used.

Album Size: 32.5cm wide x 32cm tall (approx 12.7 x 12.5")
Page Size: 32cm wide x 31cm tall (approx 13.5 x 12.2")
Pages: 40 pages / 80 sides
Interleaving Pages: Glassine Sheets

*There is a small air bubble on the front page. Please zoom on the pictures to see the album in detail*