Ultimate Bookbinding Starter Kit

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Become a bookbinder with this Ultimate Bookbinding Starter Kit. 

Learning a new craft can be incredibly rewarding. Take some time out of your busy life and experience the satisfaction of transforming a pile of paper and board into your own hard-cover book! 

I've put this kit together for craft lovers or anyone who wants to learn a new skill. It also makes a lovely DIY gift set for a friend or loved one. 

The ultimate bookbinding kit includes the tools and materials you need* to make a single-section case binding at home using traditional tools and techniques. You'll receive detailed instructions to take you through the step-by-step process with photographs and is suitable for complete beginners.

The single-section case binding is a lovely book to get you started in the world of bookbinding, with impressive results. You'll be able to use the same steps and principles for your own future projects. This style of binding creates wonderful notebooks or sketchbooks and makes great gifts.

Included in this kit:

• 10 x sheets of plain paper for your book
• 2 x boards for your covers – usually called greyboard
• Decorative/coloured papers for your endpapers and cover (these will vary per kit)
• Book cloth – a fabric that comes backed with paper
• Mull – a fabric with an open weave
• Wooden 'bone' folder – for scoring lines and folder paper 
• Bulldog clips
• Cutting Mat
• Awl – used to make sewing holes
• 2 x Glue Brushes
• Metal Ruler
• Bookbinding Needle
• Linen Thread
• Beeswax – helps prevent thread tangles  

You will have materials to make one A6 book and a suppliers list is included if you catch the bookbinding bug!

You have three options for your choice of bone folder:
• a basic wooden 'bone' folder - vegan, great for beginners just starting out
• a white bone folder - a traditional bookbinding tool, stronger than the wooden bone folder and has a better weight for creasing (do not choose if vegetarian/vegan)
• a blue coloured bone folder - a step up from the standard bone folder, made from cattle bone and clothing dye - a lovely choice for a gift set (do not choose if vegetarian/vegan)

You can also add an extra paper pack to your order to make a second book.

*Not included but required: Craft Knife (I recommend a Swann Morton handle plus 10a blade or standard snap-off blade) PVA, Pencil, Waste Paper and something heavy to press your book!

Please note this kit is not suitable for young children due to sharp tools and should only be purchased by someone over 18.

Some items may vary slightly from shown i.e a different style of awl due to stock available. 

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